This summer we are offering Advanced Training Walks for dogs who need a little extra coaching on walking nicely on a leash. All dogs get a solo walk during daycare, but you can sign your dog up for an additional 30-minute walk with a staff trainer so he or she can focus on polite walking skills during the day. Advanced Walking dogs will work on the cue “watch,” as well as sitting at street corners.

The cost for each advanced walk is $20, and it includes a handout so you can continue the good work on your own at home.

Polite walking skills are the antidote to a number of dog walking difficulties including pulling ahead or lagging behind, dogs “vacuuming” the sidewalk, reactivity toward other dogs on leash, jumping on passers by, and many other frustrating on-leash behaviors.

Staff trainers who will be doing Advanced Walks are Megan Coryat, CPDT-KA; Stacey Thompson, our Puppy Social leader; and Sophie Liu, our summer Training Consultant.