sick dog

There is an outbreak of kennel cough affecting dogs in Harlem and throughout the city. Kennel cough is an illness caused by a mix of bacterial and viral components, and it is very easily spread through the air, contact with other dogs, and contact with items with which infected dogs have been in contact.

We are committed to the health of all the dogs in Harlem, and especially that of our clients. If your dog is coughing, please keep your dog home.

Kennel cough is not life-threatening for healthy, adult dogs who have been vaccinated, and it passes on its own, like a cold.

We are taking every sanitation precaution at DD, and because we do not want to be a hub for transmission, we have to enforce the “no coughing dogs” policy throughout this outbreak.

The bordetella vaccination your dog receives every six months is designed to target the bacterial component of kennel cough, so it is vital that your dog is up-to-date with his boosters. If your healthy, adult, vaccinated dog is exposed to the viral component of kennel cough, the illness should be short-lived and mild.

It’s not easy, especially for highly socialized dogs, but dogs who are coughing should be kept isolated from other dogs. That means no dog park, no daycare, and no greetings on walks.