Hurricane season is officially under way, with between 13 and 20 named stormed predicted to make landfall this year. At Doggedly Devoted, dog safety is our highest priority, so we are prepared for all kinds of emergencies, including severe weather.

We have gathered all the materials the mayor’s office recommends keeping a supply of emergency items on hand:

  • One gallon of drinking water per person per day
  • Nonperishable, ready-to-eat canned foods and manual can opener
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight**
  • Battery-operated AM/FM radio and extra batteries (you can also buy wind-up radios that do not require batteries)
  • Whistle
  • Iodine tablets or one quart of unscented bleach (for disinfecting water ONLY if directed to do so by health officials) and eyedropper (for adding bleach to water)

We hope that we won’t have to endure a severe weather emergency, but if we do, we will be prepared to ensure the safety of everyone at Doggedly Devoted.