All of us at Doggedly Devoted want to extend our sincere condolences to Willy’s family, Emily and Andy. We didn’t know him for very long, but we know that Willy was a very special dog. Willy had had 3 spinal surgeries to help him with lameness in his hindquarters. When he first arrived at Doggedly Devoted, though, he won us all over with his charm and his smile. He loved playing with the other dogs, and never let his physical difficulties slow him down. Early this week, Willy was beset suddenly with his old problems, and he quickly declined. Because his first 3 surgeries were so difficult for him and recovery was slow and painful, Willy’s family opted not to put him through a fourth spinal surgery. We know Willy was so happy with his family and happy to have some time to to be just a regular dog with good dogs friends here at Doggedly Devoted over the past couple months. We miss him already