This Saturday, July 14 at 3 PM, Doggedly Devoted owner Megan Coryat will present a participatory workshop for school-age children on how to safely interact with dogs they might encounter in the city.

Please RSVP with the name of the number and ages of children who will attend and the name of the adult who will coming along. This is a dog-free event. Please don’t bring your dog with you.

The Be a Tree ™ Program, designed and promoted by Doggone Safe, is a fun and interactive presentation for children that teaches them how to read dog body language and be safe around dogs. Doggone Safe is a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education and dog bite victim support.

Guardian should reserve their child’s spot now by leaving a message at 646-450-2053, or emailing us at

The workshop will take place at Doggedly Devoted, which is located in the 1400 Fifth Avenue building in Harlem. The entrance is on West 116th Street between Fifth and Lenox Avenues.