If your family is at all like mine, your dog probably spends a lot of time on the floor—walking on it, lying on it, “vacuuming” it for scraps and crumbs. Because my dog is so important to me, and because she spends so much time on the floor, we are careful about what we put on the floor.

At Doggedly Devoted, we are installing Nora rubber floors because we believe that these are the best floors for dogs and for the environment.

Nora Floor Samples

We picked “Boston Harbor Blue” circled in the photo above

Rubber flooring is made from a rapidly renewable resource: the sap from tropical rubber plants. Unlike vinyl flooring, our rubber floor contains no dangerous synthetic chemicals, like polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, or halogens. Rubber floors don’t need to be treated, stripped, or waxed – all processes that bring a lot of chemicals into your space and put a lot of chemicals out into the environment.

Rubber flooring also lasts a long, long time, so we won’t stress Mother Earth or overload our landfills with a replacement any time soon. We hope you find them as comfortable and attractive as we do!