I spend a couple days a week volunteering with NYC’s Animal Care and Control, and it is incredibly rewarding work. The AC&C is a special place: the animals who arrive there come from all kinds of situations and many of them are greatly in need.

This week I did myfirst shift as a Level 2 Dog Companion, and I met a fellow volunteer whom I told about Doggedly Devoted and how the vagaries of the construction schedule allow me to volunteer at the AC&C. She was very excited for me, and she said, “Oh, you’re tithing!” I like that thought very much–while I have the flexibility, I’m going to give generously of my time.

When Doggedly Devoted is up and running we plan to continue to help out less fortunate animals by volunteering at the shelter, hosting their adoption events, and serving as a neighborhood drop point for material donations to the AC&C.

AC&C can use your help, too. I wholeheartedly recommend volunteering–they have a rigorous training program that includes an orientation, webinars, and in-shelter training, so you will know exactly what you are doing when you start. You may consider adopting a dog or a cat from a city shelter because when you do, you will truly be saving a life. And of course, the AC&C can use donations. Your gift will help reunite owners with their lost pets, help dogs and cats find their forever homes, and help the dedicated staff at the AC&C feed, shelter and care for every animal that comes through their doors.