A Doggedly Devoted mini-training package is just one of many exciting items you can bid on for the Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association fundraising auction. There is also the 5th annual MMPCIA gala on Thursday night, and rumor has it that one Doggedly Devoted owner will be there dressed to the nines!

The Annual Holiday Gala & Fundraiser is one of MMPCIA’s important fundraising efforts. Proceeds support the Scholarship Award given in June to a Harlem high school senior on her/his way to college; provide toys for the holidays to children in need; and help support the organization’s other community efforts set forth in its annual goals.

The MMPCIA is dedicated to revitalizing and preserving our Historic District and beyond, to fostering an environment of open and active opportunities, and to reflecting a spectrum of voices, ideas and opinions of those who share the neighborhood.

Please join us in supporting the MMPCIA!