We want to accommodate all the fun and friendly dogs who want to play at Doggedly Devoted each day, and to do that we are going to have to make some more space. We have launched a campaign on smallknot.com to help us raise a portion of the cost of renovating our basement to make it a fabulous, safe play space for dogs. We are committed to the industry’s highest standards of care, including guaranteeing that our playrooms aren’t over-crowded. Luckily, we have the perfect space right here in our facility to build out a Tiny Teacup Playroom, exclusively for dogs under ten pounds. This will allow for more dogs of all sizes. Please consider making a gift toward our renovation–and check out the rewards available to our supporters. You will be making lots of dogs very, very happy.

Smallknot lets you invest in the small businesses in your community in exchange for goods, services, special perks and benefits. They work exclusively with local businesses that are looking to expand and grow but need a little extra capital to get there. Maybe your favorite coffee shop wants to build a new back patio, or your favorite pizza place needs a new oven. For a lot of local businesses, even very successful ones, projects like these get put on hold or never happen because of a lack of access to capital. Banks don’t lend to the smallest businesses in your neighborhood, and credit cards are costly and expensive. With Smallknot, you can help fund a project in your neighborhood and get back real value paid back in kind and at a premium.

You can check out Doggedly Devoted’s Smallknot campaign here.