1400 Fifth Avenue is only about a decade old, so there isn’t much history to tell. However, you might find it interesting to know that the space that houses Doggedly Devoted now was formerly a butcher’s shop. From what we understand, the butcher’s shop was open for about 2 years, and the space sat unused for 5 years until we came along to transform it into the place dogs go to have fun every day.

The lobby and big dog play room were the front part of the shop, where customers would peruse the daily selection of meats, and the small dog room was an enormous walk-in refrigerator. The basement space, which is currently unfinished, housed a walk-in deep freezer and some storage space.

We plan to turn the basement into the Tiny Teacup Playroom for dogs under 10 pounds, as well as some nicely organized storage space and a little staff lounge area. The playroom will have the same high-quality rubber flooring as our big and little playrooms do, and the same, easily disinfected and sturdy Corian walls.